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  The statistician and eugenics advocate, Francis Galton  was
Darwin's cousin.

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> > For example Darwinism may be a more or less accurate
> > rendering of the available evidence but it bears the hallmarks
> > of the survival of the fittest mentality of laissez faire captialism.
> > It doesn't mean its wrong but its ideological in that sense.
> > Many social commentators use findings like Darwins to try
> > and justify social inequalities and when they do its
> > ideological - just like its ideological for us Marxists to say
> > that this is invalid. Knowledge production and use are all
> > part of the struggle.
>  Many of the ideas attributed to Darwin are in fact not Darwin's.
> For example, 'survivor of the fittest' (I was told by a student of
> Darwin and from literature I've read on him) was used reluctantly by
> Darwin and in fact wasn't even a term he coined. It was Spencer --
> Darwin's cousin -- who came up with the idea of hierarchy in the
> animal and human kingdom and hence the notion that only the
> fittest will survive.  Darwin, by contrast, saw evolutionary change as
> resulting by fortuitous factors, quite indepdent of human will.
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