CubaNews notes Tuesday July 29, 2003

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Tue Jul 29 09:01:47 MDT 2003

CubaNews notes Tuesday July 29, 2003
by Walter Lippmann, Moderator

Surveying the dominant mainstream media's
coverage of Cuba is generally a daunting and
an unenviable task. I must tell you that it does
get me down to read the virtually unanimous
coverage and what is passed off as analysis
of life in Cuba. This isn't to say that Cuban
life doesn't have its own frustrations and its
own contradictions. Anyone who spends
time here knows, sees and experiences it.

If I spend time analyzing and criticizing the
criticizers, it's because this is what most of
the people who get their information on the
country have presented to them. The nearly
unanimously opinion that, with the partial
(and oddly unexplained) continuation of its
successful health and education system,
the Cuban Revolution has failed, is oddly
and mostly unanimous.

Today we'll look a raft of those analyses of
July 26th and its historical significance.
Sometimes this feels like it's the electronic
equivalent of a massive clipping file on
a large, messy desk. Anyone who has in
fact seen my desk will understand this <g>

You may not necessarily read each one
every one through from start to finish.

However, you will notice the nearly total
agreement that Cuba MUST do what
these writers say it must do. None think
Cuba should be permitted to evolve on
its own without tutelage from its entirely
altruistic and objective northern neighbor
who only has Cuba's best interests at

Beyond the travel ban, which is more
and more being criticizing because of its
failure to bring about a transition in Cuba
to what they think Cuba should be, not a
word is being written about the entire
legislative structure of the blockade: the
Cuban Adjustment Act, Torricelli, Helms-
Burton, and on and on.

This obviously one-sided approach
suggests something of a bandwagon
aimed at keeping their audience convinced
of the same old same old "Cuba is bad,
Cuba is terrible, Cuba must become more
like us" line which the dominant media wants
everyone with range to believe.

Though it receives less attention, the problems
of the hundreds of individuals accused by the
US of being Taliban or Al-Qaeda fighters, who
have been held for going on two years at the
US-occupied Guantanamo base without any
family visits, contact with an attorney, or even
being charged with any specific act, goes on.

I've long observed that the way the US has
treated its captives being held at the US-
occupied Guantanamo base gives should
be seen as an example of what Washington
would do to anyone it holds if it were able to
get away with it.

And some of those who were convicted twenty
years ago in the murder of Grenadian Prime
Minister Maurice Bishop and other members
of the New Jewel Movement leadership of the
Grenadian government, are taking legal steps
to get released from jail. We've recently seen
an AP report on these steps. Sentenced to
death in the 1983 assassinations, they had
their sentences commuted to life imprisonment
in 1991. Now they argue that the commutation
was effectively a pardon and so they're seeking
release from prison and damages for having
been kept in prison since the commutation.


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