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1) On Russian oligarchs:

a) Today rich, tomorrow in jail (Russian Oligarchs)

b) Today almighty, tomorrow in jail (Soviet Bureaucrats)

c) Baran / Sweezy: wealth in a capitalist country is not important in
itself, it is important because you get the power to decide on other
people´s lives through ownership of the means of production.

That is, we may be rather optimistic if the Russian "bourgeoisie" is so
narrowly seated. It is becoming obvious that the battle of hegemony is 
not a battle they have won.

2) On "support requested" for trials on the military: there is a most
interesting debate taking place on Reconquista Popular on the issue.
Marxmail list members with working knowledge of Spanish may benefit from it.

While most "leftist" groups forget that they are accepting 
extra-territorial judgement when they seek support to have the Arg. 
criminals tried by an imperialist Spanish judge, almost none realizes 
that between "humanitarian intervention" and "extraterritorial trials" 
there exists no difference at all.  What we should be fighting for, in 
the left, is for the abrogation of the Full Stop and Due Agreement laws, 
albeit not as abstract Human Rights problems: these laws abrogate the 
sovereignity of Argentinean people by providing an alibi to those who 
murdered in the name of imperialism.  All this, of course, is outlandish 
for our "leftists", who scream for foreign support not for local popular 

Lic. Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky

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