Warning: this is not satire--or is it?

loupaulsen at comcast.net loupaulsen at comcast.net
Tue Jul 29 09:50:27 MDT 2003

> It's hard to believe anyone could not realize this would be a PR
> disaster, but when you put free-market true believers in charge of
> analysts whose main theoretical tool is game theory, nothing is too
> outlandish, I suppose. I wonder if they got the idea from the alleged
> pre-9/11 options bets against the airlines?
> Stuart

This idea that "the market is always right" is rather old, but they are really
carrying it to extremes here.

This should give us a lot of optimism really.  This is the US military
establishment!  They have spies and communications satellites and troops
around the world raiding people's houses and offices.  And yet they are not
confident that they can predict what is going to happen using these means.
They need knowledge from a higher source.  In olden times they would have
looked at the entrails of a sacrificed beast.  Now they believe that Truth is
to be found in the futures market.  DESPITE the evidence of the last five
years (what happened to the Truth of Enron, after all).  They are truly
ideological in the Mark Lause tea leaf reading sense of the term :-)

If the enemy is at this stage of insane distraction, it's a very hopeful sign.
Of course this may just be a disinformation campaign to get us to
underestimate our enemies, or for that matter a plan to encourage free-market
assassins to bet on an assassination of some leader and then go make it come
true and reap the rewards.  Since this is the New York Times, one hardly knows
what to think.  I won't REALLY believe it until I see it in The Onion.

Lou Paulsen

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