Ideology (was: RE: Dialectical Materialism again - reply to Mark Lause

loupaulsen at loupaulsen at
Tue Jul 29 09:58:25 MDT 2003

> Lou,
> I'd ask you to consider the implications of your statement: "Faith in a
> good and well-tested theory, resisting 'sufficiently small' quantities
> of contrary evidence, is a virtue, not a vice."
> Certainly, the vast majority of humanity would find nothing
> objectionable in saying this, and would then explain how observable
> reality conforms to their faith that the world moves about on the back
> of a turtle..  [Mark L.]

I don't think you're giving adequate consideration to the qualifiers in my
statement: "sufficiently small" and "good and well-tested".  Is world-turtle
theory really "good and well-tested" (is there a 'crucial experiment' that
would distinguish between a turtle and some other gigantic animal), and is
there really only a "small" quantity of evidence contrary to it?  :-)



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