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Tue Jul 29 11:32:22 MDT 2003

Almost unharvested by beef-endowed Argentineans 30 years ago, the 
shallow waters of the Argentinean Sea  (the triangle spanning roughly 
between Montevideo, the Malvinas islands and the Atlantic Mouth of 
Magellan´s straits) has been mercilessly depredated since the early 80s.

Hake has been carried to the edge of commercial extinction twice during 
the 90s, and it is almost impossible to obtain "centolla" (a South 
Atlantic and South Pacific crab).

The predatory chartering policies of pro-imperialist governments in
Argentina, the massive arrival of Korean, Japanese and Spanish fleets
(piratic ships included), and the even more predatory chartering 
policies fostered by the British colonial outpost in the Malvinas have 
joined to the greed of large local fishing companies to achieve this 
extraordinary result.

Small fishermen in Mar del Plata, once a thriving community, are now 
subject to some of the highest unemployment and underemployment rates in 


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