Two moral Tartuffes on Motherjones

Gilles d'Aymery aymery at
Tue Jul 29 18:05:41 MDT 2003

Why, oh why does Mother Jones open its columns to David Rieff and 
Todd Gitlin? And what's going on with "realism" vs. "internationalism?"
(note that David Rieff had an article in Sunday's NYT Magazine on 
the sanctions against Iraq, "Were Sanctions Right?", in which he 
writes snidingly about "tyrants" like....Castro, Mugabe, et al., and 
concludes his venomous tirade thus: "If tragedy, as the German 
philosopher Hegel said, is the conflict of two rights, then sanctions are 
truly a tragedy."

But, why Mother Jones?

Goodbye, New World Order 
The Bush administration's go-it-alone war has delivered the coup de
grâce to the idea of an international community. Now what? 
By David Rieff

Goodbye, New World Order: Keep the Global Ideal Alive 
Instead of shouting 'US Out,' those who opposed Washington's unilateral
war must get serious about creating an international vision of their
By Todd Gitlin

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