Two moral Tartuffes on Motherjones

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Jul 29 17:16:47 MDT 2003

Gilles wrote:
>Why, oh why does Mother Jones open its columns to David Rieff and
>Todd Gitlin? And what's going on with "realism" vs. "internationalism?"
>(note that David Rieff had an article in Sunday's NYT Magazine on
>the sanctions against Iraq, "Were Sanctions Right?", in which he
>writes snidingly about "tyrants" like....Castro, Mugabe, et al., and
>concludes his venomous tirade thus: "If tragedy, as the German
>philosopher Hegel said, is the conflict of two rights, then sanctions are
>truly a tragedy."
>But, why Mother Jones?

This rag has a real history. When Michael Moore was editor, he was
instructed by Adam Hochschild to publish an article on Nicaragua by
Sandinista-basher Paul Berman. To his credit, he said no and was fired on
the spot by Hochschild.

I haven't paid much attention to them over the years, but clearly they are
part of the Cruise-missile left, speaking of which, I just learned that
Edward Herman has the 3rd of a series of articles on that topic in the
print edition of Z Magazine that is focused on Paul Berman. Absolutely
scathing from the quick look I took at it. I might have to bite the bullet
and buy this stupid magazine.

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