Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Tue Jul 29 18:05:10 MDT 2003

If hitching has died out, it's very sad. Not only is it part of the
"on-the-road" romantic tradition, it's part of the left tradition. Just as
the old Wobblies used to ride for free on freight trains, the activists of
the 60s and 70s used to hitch around a lot.

I did it on vacations, but as a political organiser too -- In the seventies
I travelled the zone from Brisbane in the north to Melbourne in the South
and out west to Adelaide till there was a groove worn in the map. Sometimes
by train, but often I hitched. As you stood there in the rain with drivers
ignoring you, you consoled yourself that you were living the austere but
adventurous life of a revolutionary. Sort of like guerillas in the hills!
(Well, we were a bit full of ourselves then.)

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