Donna Stainsby dstainsby at telus.net
Tue Jul 29 21:53:13 MDT 2003

As we read this, Macdonald Stainsby and his partner have so far hitch-hiked
from Vancouver BC to Whitehorse, Yukon, and are currently (I think still
currently) paddling down the Yukon River towards Dawson, from which they
plan to head up the Dempster Hwy to Inuvik.  (We're talking major distance
here.) Knowing a bit about the bugs and the dust at this time of year, I
hope they're still enjoying being on the road.  They find no problems
getting rides in our "out-back" -- and thoroughly enjoy the folks they meet.
They both have chosen not to be drivers, and in British Columbia with our
very limited public transportation, that means hitch-hiking. Their last
report spoke of chasing bison off the lawn of the Liard Hot Springs
restaurant they got a week's work in, and then yelling a black bear off the
trail to the creek.  It makes this mother worry, but also to turn green with

Donna Stainsby

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