Americans turn against Iraq occupation -- Green Left Weekly #547 July 30, 2003

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Green Left Weekly,
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Issue #547 July 30, 2003

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Featured this week: Americans turn against Iraq occupation
Disaffection is growing in the United States as an increasing number of
people realise they were conned by the propaganda of US President George
Bush's administration into supporting Washington's military occupation
of Iraq. As the mood changes, the US anti-war movement is again
preparing for major mobilisations.

UNITED STATES: Americans turn against Iraq occupation

Solomons intervention serves Australian big business

PHILIPPINES: Statement on the soldiers' rebellion
IRAQ: US appoints `Governing Council', escalates repression
BRITAIN: Who will pay for WMD lies?
PALESTINE: Resistance movement refuses to surrender
PALESTINE: Israel deports solidarity activists
NEW ZEALAND: Labour introduces racist immigration restrictions
VENEZUELA: Bolivarian Revolution benefits poor, working people
CHILE: Villa Grimaldi: A symbol of pain transformed
COLOMBIA: US casualties rise
CUBA: `Castro's biological weapons'? The world needs more of them
ZIMBABWE: Letter from Harare

It's time to fight back!
Anger over $460,000 man
VCA students defend their education
Anti-war coalition's future to be decided
Injecting centre saves lives
Drug usage: key facts
A woman's place is in the struggle: Labor undermines domestic violence
MUA militancy: A major victory
Adelaide bus drivers strike
Can unions stop the spread of casual work?
Class-struggle unions: we can beat Howard

`Save Medicare'
Meeting calls for solidarity with people of Aceh
Teachers propose strike action over salaries dispute
Union activists call for campaign against Carr job cuts
Victorian teachers to stop work
National stoppage against ACI's corporate thuggery
`Frankenfood' approval condemned
Rio Tinto workers reinstated after five years
Green Left Weekly celebrates July 26
Martin Bright strike enters fourth week
Bradken workers locked out
Port Hedland protest a success
Unionist singled out in Skilled Six court case

Victor Serge: against the `Marxism of dead slogans'
World mourns two music giants
Support the 4ZZZ Radiothon
On the box
Poem: Moncada's Fire

Write On: Letters to Green Left Weekly
Loose cannons
Chris Kelly cartoon
JB cartoon
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