Runaway shops

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Wed Jul 30 08:18:13 MDT 2003

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> NY Times, July 22, 2003
> I.B.M. Explores Shift of White-Collar Jobs Overseas

White-collar jobs moving abroad
A spate of new studies points to an exodus of skilled labor, from high-tech
to financial services.
By Stacy A. Teicher | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

For decades, Americans watched as manufacturing plants set up shop overseas
to capitalize on cheap labor. Ross Perot immortalized the anger many workers
felt, vividly terming the potential exodus of jobs to Mexico that "giant
sucking sound."

Now a growing number of US firms are sending coveted high-tech and service
jobs "offshore" in a move that's reviving a debate about the future of the
American workforce.

No longer is it just Disney toys and Nike shoes made in Haiti and Indonesia.
It's software engineering, accounting, and product development being
"outsourced" to India, the Philippines, Russia, and China.

The result is a growing backlash from unionists, contract workers, and
erstwhile techies with time on their hands.


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