SF Website: 350,000 hits in 2 days

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Wed Jul 30 08:38:41 MDT 2003

Published: 30 July, 2003

Sinn Féin Chief Whip Cllr. Sue Ramsey has announced that in the first two
days of the new party web site there were over 350,000 hits from 70 separate
counties worldwide.

Cllr. Ramsey said:

"In the first two days of operation the new Sinn Féin web site received a
staggering 350,000 hits from 70 countries worldwide. This has surpassed any
predictions made in advance of the new site becoming operational.

"After enduring years of state censorship and hostile media coverage it
seems that thousands of people are now utilising this opportunity to access
up to date information on the Sinn Féin message and the republican project
of Irish Unity." ENDS

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