SJ Mercury News: Governor Camejo?

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Wed Jul 30 08:41:52 MDT 2003

>This election will be organized differently from all others.
>On Oct. 7, the candidate who gets the most votes will win
>the highest office in a state with an economy (admittedly
>battered) equivalent to the fifth-largest nation in the
>world. There will be no party primaries to select nominees,
>which would leave a tidy general election ballot of six or
>seven names before the voters. Rather, dozens of
>candidates -- perhaps as many as 100 or more -- will file
>for an opportunity to become captain of the California
>Titanic. With so many candidates, someone could win with as
>little as 10 or 12 percent of the vote.

The interesting thing about this, which the Mercury News or any other
mainstream media has yet to point out, is that it is the PERFECT argument
for one of the Green Party (and Peter Camejo)'s key demands - Instant Runoff
Voting (IRV). Someone becoming Governor with 11% of the vote is evidently a
COMPLETLEY undemocratic result, yet that is entirely possible with the
system being used in this election.

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