Donna Stainsby dstainsby at telus.net
Wed Jul 30 10:57:39 MDT 2003

Walter refers to hitch hiking in Cuba.  When my brother and I drove around
western and central Cuba, we frequently gave rides to hitch hikers -- men
(alone and in small groups) women travelling alone and whole families.  We
learned that not only is hitch hiking ubiquitous, but even more organized
than Walter said; drivers of government owned vehicles are *required* to
offer rides if they have any space.  It was common to see large trucks stop,
take out a step of some kind, and load up to 20 people in the back.  We
followed one of these empty gravel trucks and watched the stops where
individuals climbed out, waved, and walked off on their way.  It was also
common to see hitchers hold out dollar bills to flag down rides.

An update on Macdonald and Heather: they have completed their eight day
canoe trip and are back on the road hitching their way to Dawson City. In
answer to Stuart, small companies organize these trips.  People are picked
up in Whitehorse and paddle some or all of the distance to Dawson.  The
first part of the trip is quite easy so that relatively inexperienced
paddlers can do it, albeit with sore shoulders and backs.  That's what Mac
and Heather did.  More experienced paddlers stay right through to Dawson
going through some quite difficult water, including the Five Finger rapids.
The river is virtually lined with remains of the gold rush days.  They are
well and delighted with their experiences so far.  They still have a month
on the road before college again in September.


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