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Wed Jul 30 12:00:55 MDT 2003

Farmed Salmon Is Said to Contain High PCB Levels

AMERICANS consume so much salmon these days -- most of it farmed --
that it is now the third most popular fish in the country, after
canned tuna and shrimp. It is one of those foods that nutritionists
say is good for you, and the Food and Drug Administration says you can
eat as much of it as you like.

But a report released today by the Environmental Working Group, a
nonprofit environmental research and advocacy organization, says that
10 samples of farmed salmon bought at markets on the East and West
Coasts were found to be contaminated with PCB's, or polychlorinated
biphenyls, at an average level far higher than any other protein
source, including all other seafood. The high levels do not exceed
those set in 1984 by the Food and Drug Administration for commercially
sold fish. But they are in excess of the guidelines set by the
Environmental Protection Agency in 1999 for recreationally caught
fish. PCB's, an industrial byproduct, which has been identified as a
probable human carcinogen, were banned by the United States in 1976.

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