Hitch hiking in Cuba (amplified)

Craven, Jim jcraven at clark.edu
Wed Jul 30 12:31:00 MDT 2003

Walter Lippmann wrote:

I've added a few words to complete my
thought on this from what went out before.

Every day here in Cuba you can see women
(mostly) of all ages hitching in complete and
total safety. They stand on the side of the
roads with their thumbs out, or when traffic
is stopped, they walk directly up to drivers
and tell them where they are going and get
rides. Hitching is a normal and everyday
experience here.

No one reports harassment and if it were to
happened, word would get out either on the
regular media or the pervasive Radio Bemba
(as the Cuban equivalent of the grapevine is
known). I'm sure the guys will flirt with these
women a little bit as the "piropo", the cute
flirtatious remark is a national sport here on
the island. Here in Cuba I've seen soldiers
and staffers from the Ministry of the Interior
hitching rides. There is no danger to women
in Cuba from these activities, from what I've
seen and been told by many others.

Response Jim C: This stands in stark contrast to the realities on most
Indian Reserves and Reservations today in the U.S. and Canada. Because most
rezes are in remote places, with no real public transport, every year there
are many rapes and deaths of young Indian females--and males--who were
forced to hitchhike and were easy prey for non-Indian and Indian predators
taking advantage of the remoteness and imeprative to hitchhike to get
anywhere off-rez or even on-rez. Often it is months and even years
before--and if--their bodies are ever found.

On some Indian rezes we have the phenomenon of very wealth pedophile whites
(some lawyers, judges whatever) hanging around the outskirts of the rezes
looking for younger ones hitchhiking to do their sick shit; they are also
one of the sources of AIDS transmission to and from the rezes. Some Indian
activists have taken to cornering them, beating the shit out of them, taking
their wallets and id, calling up their wives to advise them of what kind of
sick pieces of shit they are married to and advising them to get an AIDS
test and/or turning their ids over to the press to "out" them.

For many Indians, the reality of hitchhiking is like playing Russian
Rollette--and with four bullets instead of one.

Jim C.

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