Ernesto Cardenal on Cuba (Prisoners, executions)

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Wed Jul 30 17:34:04 MDT 2003

> Interestingly enough, there are several translation sites on the
> Internet
> but none of them will translate anywhere near this amount of text.
> However,
> on Google itself, there is a "Translate this page" button, which,
> when hit,
> produced the result below. I THINK it's a pretty decent translation

Dude, it's translating "Fidel Castro" as "Fidel I castrate."

> These are imprisoned in Cuba that are not in favor imprisoned of
> Fidel I
> castrate, but they are the prisoners of president Bush, in Guantnamo.

This goes right up there with "the vodka is good but the meat is
rotten" in the history of computer translation.

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