Camejo/Huffington Update

Gilles d'Aymery aymery at
Wed Jul 30 20:25:33 MDT 2003

My thanks to Eli for posting those updates.  Peter Camejo makes good use of
his grey cells (brain). There is little irony here. It's a cold, educated
speculation. If Huffington runs AND Camejo runs. The vote is split. The Reps
wins. There is no chance, IMMO, that Huffington would desist in favor of
Camejo. Camejo knows this. Camejo acts as a good tactician. He'll desist
and go with Huffington's "celebrity, nicer capitalism."  In the meantime, he still
advances his message. But he understands the forces at play, here. It's yet
another small battle to try to win when the war, at this time, cannot be won.
It's called guerrilla tactic, in other words. Moreover, if a big Dem gets into the
race (Feinstein), then Huffington -- the nicer capitalist puppet -- becomes not
only an hindrance but a Dem Killer. She's a Dem at heart, so it's obvious she
would desist. Now would Camejo also desist at this point is not addressed by
his campaign. Camejo is not a fool. Neither is he a tool of the powers-that-be.
Nor is he an armchair revolutionary. He's in the midst of the fire, acting as best
he can to advance ideas that are dear to many of us.

Interestingly, at the national level -- the US 2000 rez elections -- I'd make the
opposing argument (the Greens should run candidates). But that's another

Thanks again Eli for your continued postings on this matter. Just do not throw
the baby with the bath water.


Gilles d'Aymery

[Eli Stephens wote]
No, I'm not planning on posting here every message from the Camejo
campaign. But this one is interesting because it goes directly to the question of
indpendent political action that we've been discussing on the list, and also
because it's actually written by Peter, unlike all the other communications from
his campaign which come from his campaign manager. Peter doesn't address
the irony of the possibility of his stepping down in favor of someone who has
announced she would step down in favor of Dianne Feinstein.

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