Camejo/Huffington Update

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Wed Jul 30 20:24:59 MDT 2003


	That was a very interesting, thoughtful message from Peter you
forwarded to the list. I take it you did so because you thought it
somehow outside the pale. I certainly didn't, though I'm willing to
listen to the arguments.

	I think Peter's description of the situation is perhaps even
more optimistic than my own, but there is at least a significant element
of truth to it: there is a great deal of sentiment that can easily turn
into motion towards independent political action. I think that, exactly,
is what we've been seeing politically over the past few years, in
Peter's campaign, other Green successes, but also in the mass movement. 

	As to his proposed tactics, they seem reasonable enough on
paper, I think it might be a complicated approach in real life, though.


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