A challenge to marxmail contributors - please read this.

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Wed Jul 30 20:36:13 MDT 2003

>>I think it might be useful to see just what other people - often who
we've known over the internet for years (in cases) want to get from the

Good idea. I rely on the list to:

1.provide an instant news digest. So many comrades out their sifting the
media for key information. I try to do my bit in that direction.

2.force me to think. This is why I don't dislike the fact that many
prominent contributors think on quite different lines to me: on Cuba,
Milosevich, nationalism, etc.

3.give me an archive and a source of advice, when something comes up and I
need info. This can be immensely valuable.

4. entertain me, but in a political manner.

I congratulate those who post really detailed stuff, but unfortunately I
don't usually have time to read it.

Those I'm mostly likely to read are probably: Louis, Jose, Phil, Yoshie and
Gary. Jurriaan too, but sometimes he posts so much that I can't keep up!
And Lou Paulsen, but it seems we haven't seen him for a while?

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