Camejo/Huffington Update

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Thu Jul 31 00:27:05 MDT 2003

At 05:24  30/07/03 -0700,Eli wrote:
>No, I'm not planning on posting here every message from the Camejo
>campaign. But this one is interesting because it goes directly to the
>question of indpendent political action that we've been discussing on the
>list, and also because it's actually written by Peter, unlike all the
>other communications from his campaign which come from his campaign
>manager. Peter doesn't address the irony of the possibility of his
>stepping down in favor of someone who has announced she would step down in
>favor of Dianne Feinstein.


Don't apolgise.  I feel this is of the utmost importance.  It goes
potentially way beyond California to point us in the direction of the kind
of mass politics with an electoral dimension that we desperately need to



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