Norman Geras supports war in Iraq, or, a new Manchester school emerges

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Thu Jul 31 01:45:58 MDT 2003

> For me the real question is why in the world Workers Liberty would want
> to have somebody like this as a speaker.

Could it be that he is acting as kind of mine-sweeper for the AWL
leadership: voicing out opinions the AWL leaders hold, but do not dare to
say in public.

Here in Germany Cohn-Bendit acted often for Fischer in that way.

> I dealt with Geras in the course of a post on the Goldhagen thesis a
> while back. I said at the time that he was evolving into a kind of
> Goldhagen himself. Basically, when you begin to lose track of the
> underlying class realities in the "war against fascism", it is quite
> easy to end up waving the stars and stripes. That happened to countless
> radicals during WWII and seems to be happening once again. The "war
> against fascism" turned into the "war against international communism"
> which then turned into the "war against Islamic terrorism". It is time
> we turned the guns around.

We are seeing a similiar development here in Germany with the so-called
Antideutschen. Some of them are now open supporters of US-imperialism.
Most outspoken the people around the magazine Bahamas:
They came from the Maoist Kommunistischer Bund (KB).

I guess in the next years they will drop any references to Marxism and show
their pro-imperialist and racist character even more often. In the end this
is a welcome development since it clears the fronts.


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