Biased reporting on Israel - what else is new?

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Thu Jul 31 10:03:48 MDT 2003

Since Danny Schechter ( quoted me
this morning, I guess I'll share this with the list as well, a letter to the
editor of the San Jose Mercury News:

The Mercury News describes the structure being constructed by Israel as a
"Security Fence." This "fence" is a 25-foot high concrete wall, higher than
the Berlin Wall or the sound walls lining our freeways. Since when is that a

Since this term "fence" is used widely, and certainly not just by the
Mercury News, I would urge other comrades to take up this small battle and
write your papers (or other media) whenever you see or hear this ridiculous
phrase. The media in the US is biased, seriously so, in favor of Israel, but
small battles like this CAN be won. They do have SOME residual journalistic
nature, even if it has been largely squeezed out.

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