What's this marxism at xxxxxxx thing?

Gilles d'Aymery aymery at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jul 31 11:20:31 MDT 2003


Thank you for explaining the reason of this change. But should the negative
actions of one rightwinger lead to less openness? One of the many valuable
features of Marxmail has been its openness. One can express oneself publicly
and stands by one's word with a real name (I know some regretfully use
pseudonyms) and a real address. And, as I said previously, this change makes
communicating with others off-list much harder.

It's a balancing act, certainly. I guess both you and Lou thought this issue
through. I, for one, regret it. Thanks.

[Les wrote]
Lou and I were told some putz -- ex SWP'er, now rightwinger -- was
tracking posts to marxmail. there were __rumours__ he was also grabbing
select email addresses and passing then along to right wing organizations. so
we do this little bit to get in their way. gilles solution will not work, as the
harvester is a human.

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