Camejo/Huffington Update

Gilles d'Aymery aymery at
Thu Jul 31 11:40:25 MDT 2003

It's not *just* about destabilizing the two-party system -- a necessary but
negative (or reactive) task. It's about *breaking away* from the two party
system -- a necessary and affirmative task. To build an independent party; to
create motion; to propose an alternative agenda. While I'm fully aware of the
strong reservations expressed by several members (Adam, Lueko, Ely,
Johannes....) regarding the Greens, I remain convinced that coalition building
around them is a positive approach at this point in time. And, as I have
repeatedly asked, what is the alternative? A careful reading of the results of
the 2000 elections, I think, make it very clear. Have a look at those final

Anyway, I need to focus on the coming edition of Swans... My thanks again
to Eli for posting these documents. I hope he will continue. They are indeed
quite interesting.

Best, Gilles

[Mark wrote]
Gilles, That's how I tend to read the situation you've sketched with Camejo as
well. I think socialist principles allow for a very broad range of options. One
of the major tasks facing radicals in the U.S. is to destabilize the two party
system. This should be done ASAP and by any means necessary.

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