What's this marxism at xxxxxxx thing?

Roger Baker rabaker at cox-internet.com
Thu Jul 31 11:14:30 MDT 2003

      I think that Les in incurably sentimental.  The human should be
replaced by a computer.  If we don't take advantage of the new technology,
despite having to lay people off, we will never turn a profit in this

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> Les,
> Thank you for explaining the reason of this change. But should the
> actions of one rightwinger lead to less openness? One of the many valuable
> features of Marxmail has been its openness. One can express oneself
> and stands by one's word with a real name (I know some regretfully use
> pseudonyms) and a real address. And, as I said previously, this change
> communicating with others off-list much harder.
> It's a balancing act, certainly. I guess both you and Lou thought this
> through. I, for one, regret it. Thanks.
> Gilles
> [Les wrote]
> Lou and I were told some putz -- ex SWP'er, now rightwinger -- was
> tracking posts to marxmail. there were __rumours__ he was also grabbing
> select email addresses and passing then along to right wing organizations.
> we do this little bit to get in their way. gilles solution will not work,
as the
> harvester is a human.

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