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Thu Jul 31 11:41:56 MDT 2003

Gilles, by his own hand, wrote:

"While I'm fully aware of the strong reservations expressed by several
members (Adam, Lueko, Ely,Johannes....) regarding the Greens, I remain
convinced that coalition building around them is a positive approach at
this point in time"

I believe that there is not a _single_ Green party.

In Scandinavia, and so far as I know in Germany too, they cater to (or
give political expression to) small farmers, already surpassed by the
development of advanced capitalism.

In my own country, there are at least two kinds of Green, one of them
expressing a rather similar layer of bucolic small farmer reformism
which before 1976 used to be expressed by the Communist Party under the
"agrarian reform" banner.  The second one is an almost blatantly but
unconsciously anti-industrialist Green, in a country with more than half
its population unemployed or with serious employment problems.

Elsewhere, there should be other expressions. You have the Rad-Green
mailing list, on the Utah server and managed by M. Stainsby, for instance.


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