Following Camejo yourself

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Thu Jul 31 16:06:45 MDT 2003

I intend to post things which I think are of general interest (e.g.,
discussions of independent political action) I get from the Camejo campaign,
but no intention whatsoever to post everything they send. For those who
really want to follow the campaign in detail, you can do that by going to and signing up for the Camejo 4 Gov list. I TRIED to figure
out step-by-step instructions to tell you how to do this, and in the process
managed to UNsubscribe myself from the list. I seem to be resubscribed but
it took a while.

I also get emails from the Kucinich campaign which are quite interesting,
which again, you can do yourself by signing up at
(note: NOT .org or .com).

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