Why the US fears Cuba

Craven, Jim jcraven at clark.edu
Thu Jul 31 16:26:00 MDT 2003

The Guardian, Thursday July 31, 2003
Why the US fears Cuba
Hostility to the Castro regime doesn't stem from its failings, but from
its achievements
by Seumas Milne

Response Jim C: I also favor the "cognitive dissonance" argument as well; I
believe that is part of it. Just as in the case of the Vietnamese,
supposedly these "backward Gooks", wind up soundly kicking the shit out of
the world's largest war machine and supposedly invincible imperial power
(then came the Rambo movies where Rambo goes back to finish what he and
others "weren't allowed" to do--win) so it is with Cuba: despite the
poverty, corruption, weak economy etc left by the scum who used to run Cuba,
Cuba and Cubans stand up to U.S. imperialism and some very sophisticated and
devastating imperialist machinations, while doing a great deal for medical
care, literacy and basic necessities for the people with meager
resources--and also giving international assistance to other oppressed
Peoples on top of it.

Jim C.

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