Walter's report on July 26th in Santiago

glparramatta glparramatta at
Thu Jul 31 16:35:22 MDT 2003

Hi Walter,

Norm from Green Left Weekly here. May we have permission to run your
July 26 report in the next edition of GLW? Could you let me know if that
is ok ASAP? I'll naturally credit the source and include links to your
web pages.

Revolutionary regards,
Norm Dixon.

Walter Lippmann wrote:
> For this even I received accreditation to participate
> as a journalist in this event. I was thus able to get
> right up close to the platform and to have a wide
> access to the place for photography. Both because
> of the importance of the event, and the photographs
> of things you won't see elsewhere, I've created an
> entire web-page devoted to Saturday's celebration:

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