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Jacob Levich jlevich at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 1 10:02:36 MST 2003

You're quite right; Brad de Long is wrong as usual. Does he ever actually
look at the numbers? A comrade in India wrote me Thursday:

"Today's the central government budget -- now a media circus here, with
virtually round the clock commentary. I'm not bothering to watch it on TV.
The Economic Survey, which is released just before the budget, shows
Indians are now eating the same amount per head as during the famine of the
mid-sixties -- despite soaring public foodstocks (priced out of reach of
the majority). Nevertheless, the Survey maintains a peppy tone throughout."


>The article was very interesting.  I believe that Brad de Long
>was arguing on pen-l about how well India was doing.  My take was
>that heaping up riches at the top was impoverishing the bottom.
>In addition, the article suggests the ways that India's
>marketization has made the poor more vulnerable.
>Michael Perelman

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