Amartya Sen thesis challenged

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Sat Mar 1 11:45:36 MST 2003

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> Sen's theory is based on a fantasized definition of "democracy" - a
> romanticized image of Western democracy of which the US is a flawed
> reflection.

I think Malawi post-Banda qualifies as a democracy. There's a famine there
now, which needn't have occurred: the IMF ordered Malawi to sell its grain
stocks last year to pay a debt component held by UK banks. Jimi Adesina, the
brilliant Nigerian marxist sociologist, pointed out in a UN seminar
yesterday that Sen's data set is now screwed. There were no famines under
Banda the dictator. Now with neoliberalism, democracy means mass death...

> As for democracy, assuming US practice is the guiding standard, it
> appears to be producing regimes that promote war and destruction and
> that uses hunger as a terrorist threat.

Washington still rules in many ways...

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