[PEN-L:35174] Turkish Speaker Nullifies U.S. Troop Vote

Michael Perelman michael at ecst.csuchico.edu
Sat Mar 1 14:00:24 MST 2003

What wonderful news!  Sometime ago on pen-l we discussed Turkey's
financial crisis in a way that is implied that Turkey would be
impotent in resisting Western demands.  Nobody, I recall, including
Sabri, seem to think that Turkey would be able to show any backbone

Sabri Oncu wrote:

> There are 550 MPs in the National Assembly and yes votes were
> less than 275. Now I am proud of Turkey.
> Sabri
> +++++++++
> Turkish Speaker Nullifies U.S. Troop Vote
> 3 minutes ago
> By SUZAN FRASER, Associated Press Writer
> ANKARA, Turkey - Turkey's parliament speaker nullified the
> legisature's vote Saturday to allow deployment of 62,000 U.S.
> combat troops to open a northern front against Iraq (news - web
> sites), saying a majority of those in the chamber had not voted
> in favor.
> The vote was 264-250 with 19 abstentions.
> Speaker Bulent Arinc said nullified the vote after it was
> challenged by the opposition.
> The Turkish constitution demands a majority of those present must
> vote in favor for a bill to pass.
> The vote Saturday was four short of a simple majority.
> Arinc closed parliament after the vote until Tuesday.
> The bill's rejection is likely to seriously increase tensions
> with the United States which had been expecting a positive vote.
> The motion would have empowered the government to authorize the
> basing of up to 62,000 troops, 255 warplanes and 65 helicopters.


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