The Nation Magazine's tainted liberalism

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On Sat, 1 Mar 2003 12:27:20 -0800 Michael Perelman
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> I agree that the Nation is doing horrible things.  One small point.
> I am
> not sure how much stock to put on a critique of his ancient past.  A
> few
> decades ago, when Kopkind and Ridgeway were the core of the New
> Republic,
> it was great -- at least I felt that at the time.  Would that
> wonderful
> past excuse the present magazine and more than the Nation's past
> would
> condemn its present manifestation?

All this underscores Proyect's point that there is a need
for a mass-circulation magazine of the left, that will not
be subject to the whims of millionaire owners.  Yes, The
New Republic used to be a great progressive magazine.
And then it turned to crap after it was sold to Marty Peretz.  And
likewise, the editorial policy of The Nation is influenced
by the whims of its millionaire backers too.  If they find
the antiwar movement threatening to their interests, then
that is going to be reflected in the magazine's editorial
policies, regardless of how progressive the magazine
may be on other issues.

> Also, the Nation sometimes does publish some good stuff, which does
> not
> excuse some of its more blatant trash.
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