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Sat Mar 1 14:28:17 MST 2003

Lou Paulsen:
>(b) For the sake of discussion, how would this hypothetical publication
>differ from (1) Mother Jones, (2) the old Guardian newspaper of the 1960's,
>or (3) Z?  or (4) some other existing thing?  OR, for that matter, (5) the

In fact I am talking exactly about something like the old Guardian.

>(c) Is there some existing entity, Counterpunch for example (on
>conflict-of-interest grounds I am not mentioning, that could be
>'boosted' into a more prominent role?  Or would it be better to start fresh?

Counterpunch and are both good, but what I have in mind is
something that would feature on-the-spot coverage from activists like Jon
Flanders in the Albany trade union movement or Derek Seidman from the
student movement. Counterpunch and are more like the equivalent
of a journal of opinion rather than an activist-oriented "what is to be
done" forum.

>(d) If it were better to start fresh, how to deal with the following
>contradiction: if one or two editors with a vision in mind get it up and
>running, then they won't be representative, accountable, etc.; but if some
>big left committee gets it up and running, it will be like a 'typical
>committee product' and won't print opinionated stuff.

I am of the opinion that all viewpoints within Marxism should be expressed
in such a publication, where they can contend with each other before the
working class and its allies. This, to remind comrades, was Lenin's goal
for Iskra.

>(e) How important is the paper side of it all?

I think it could be web-based, as long as there is an Acrobat version that
can be used to print multiple copies for people who don't have computers.

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