NSA phone-taps diplomats in drive for UNSC votes

LouPaulsen LouPaulsen at attbi.com
Sat Mar 1 21:45:20 MST 2003

I could be wrong, but this looks potentially big.  Isn't this the kind of
thing that potentially leads to prosecutions, impeachments, and the like?  I
mean, is there any legal justification for wiretapping the UN ambassadors of
France, China, Cameroon, etc.?  Aren't we well within our rights to demand
an independent investigation of this?  By the way, since the memo says
'except for the US and GB', I take it that means they are also wiretapping
SPAIN to make sure they don't defect?

Of course we can never underestimate the ability of the captive capitalist
press to bury a story, of Democratic politicians to co-operate in the
cover-up, of other governments to overlook an affront to their own
sovereignty in the interest of the greater purpose, and so on.  "Potentially
big" doesn't mean "actually big", it means it could be made big if someone
chooses to make it big.  I'm very curious as to whether this will get picked
up or not.  IMHO we should do what we can to see it doesn't get overlooked.

This is what happens when they try to change course too fast: (a)
'friendly-nation' agents (I suppose this means UK intelligence agents) get
disgusted and start spilling secrets, and (b) some newspapers conclude that
they can get away with printing the story, and that public opinion will
protect them from being jailed or shut down.


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