Turkish Speaker Nullifies U.S. Troop Vote

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Sat Mar 1 21:57:38 MST 2003

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From: "Sabri Oncu" <soncu at pacbell.net>

> There are 550 MPs in the National Assembly and yes votes were
> less than 275. Now I am proud of Turkey.
> Sabri

The media are calling this a 'stunning blow' to US war plans.  My god, these
are dramatic times.  When we make a movie about this struggle, the people of
Turkey will be among the stars, and the vote count in the Turkish
parliament, intercut with the demonstration outside, will be a highly
dramatic scene.

There was a news story which I saw before and can't find now which suggested
that the US might try to use Turkey ANYWAY, and quoted Rumsfeld as saying
that 'democracy is so untidy' or something to that effect.  Has anyone seen
this?  Link?

They CAN'T overturn this now.  The people are celebrating in the streets.
If the government were to try to overturn it now, AFTER the victory, the
people would hang them up like Mussolini.


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