Major Anti-War Events Planned Throughout March

Mike Friedman mikedf at
Sun Mar 2 08:00:51 MST 2003

  Major Anti-War Events Planned Throughout March

On March 22nd, "we are applying for a permit, but we will march whether or
not we receive it." --United for Peace and Justice

As preparations for war against Iraq accelerate, so to does anti-war
resistance. In Turkey, overwhelming public opposition scuttled Bush
administration plans to deploy tens of thousands of American troops from
Turkish bases. [Read More] Closer to home, a plethora of anti-war events
are scheduled both in New York and elsewhere over the next several weeks.

March 5- Anti-War Moratorium, National Student Strike, and Candlelight
Vigil: The National Moratorium to Stop the War is organizing plans for
thousands of people to call in sick to work or close their business. [See
NYC Moratorium Plans] In a related action, Not in Our Name and the National
Youth and Student Peace Coalition are calling for a daylong student strike.
Finally, United for Peace and Justice has organized a legal march, going
past the offices of Senators Clinton and Schumer, and culminating in a
candlelight vigil at Washington Square Park.

March 8 (International Women's Day)- White House Convergence: Rally and
march, led by women, will encircle the White House for peace. Dozens of
speakers will address the crowd.

March 15- Emergency White House Convergence: Organized by International
ANSWER, an emergency national Anti-War Convergence will "take it to the
White House" to protest War on Iraq. March 15th could very well be the
first day of an American led war.

March 22- NYC Protest, Organized by UFP&J: Gather at noon in Madison Square
Park (23rd St. & 5th Ave.) for a major anti-war march through Midtown
Manhattan. UFP&J is applying for a permit, but, according to a recent
email, "we will march whether or not we receive it."

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