Don't put all your Timor eggs in one basket ;-)

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Sun Mar 2 15:22:07 MST 2003

>>The argument I'm criticising is that which says the DSP et al are
irreparably lost to revolutionary politics due to our errors on East Timor,
real or imagined.<<

Not my view. The DSP has been on the right side of other key battles, like
deregistration of the BLF, the Accord, and Australian nationalism. But the
main reason I don't compare the Timor issue to August 1914 is that it
inflates the importance and impact of tiny left wing groups. Which brings
me to another topic...

>>Jeff Sparrow listing it as one of the major political disagreements which
mean the Socialist Alliance can never last.

I think Jeff's point is that *left regroupment* won't work because as soon
as an issue of principle like sending troops to East Timor arises, there
would be a split. Socialist Alliance in some form could last for a long
time, because it feeds the hunger of small groups to kid themselves that
they amount to something. The one thing that might bring the Alliance
unstuck is the disintegration of the ISO which, on recent reports, is
continuing -- and which is also caused by various kinds of self-delusion of
which the Alliance is a part.

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