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March 3, 2003 -- In this issue:

So much is at stake for the US elites that one has to wonder whether
the inexorable march to war can be stopped; but it's not for lack of
trying. Check the Lysistrata Project at lysistrataproject.org and
pecosdesign.com/lys. Also, Poets Against the War announces an
International Day of Poetry Against the War on March 5. A major
poetry reading will be held in Washington DC on that evening, and
many poems will be subsequently entered into the Congressional
Record. On March 15, International ANSWER and other members
of the vast anti-war movement organize another imperative event, an
"Emergency Convergence on the White House," with parallel actions
in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Check their Web site and let your
voices be heard! (It won't hurt to keep calling and e-mailing your
representatives...) This is not the time to get discouraged.

The Bush Regime and the media have masterfully and relentlessly
ratcheted the country's anxieties to the extent that many people
'believe' that once the bad guys, the evildoers, are taken care of
everything will be back to normalcy -- the good ol' days. But the list
of the bad guys is becoming longer, including our "European
adversaries" to use an expression found in The New York Times
(March 1, News Analysis, by Patrick E. Tyler, A7). Yesterday, allies;
today, adversaries; what about tomorrow? When do we start
bombing the nuclear arsenals of France, Russia and China? But you
know what? Beyond the 'Great Game' redux, the propaganda and
disinformation and the re-mapping of the Middle East, poverty
deepens, inequalities widen, water shortages increase, the ozone layer
depletion accelerates, global warming intensifies, natural resources are
ever more pilfered, species decimated, soil eroded...all in the name of
consumerism. Taking out Saddam, waging wars without end over all
the continents, will not remedy the slow disintegration of our system. It
will only add more suffering to humanity, at best; or accelerate the
process, at worst.

Historically, reactionaries have always used fear and 'moral' certitudes
to advance their destructive agendas. The whole planet is at risk but
they move ahead with chilling clarity, an obscene determination to rid
the world of 'evil,' according to long-obsolete philosophical
paradigms. When an entire ecosystem is on the verge of collapse the
mighty force of the US military becomes futile. People in power are
oblivious to that reality. The only one they reckon is power itself --
their power, their privileges. They won't change; they can't reform; for
they are fundamentalists at heart.

So here we are, attempting as best we can to keep humanness alive,
reason sane and sound, hearts and minds open to a non-violent future,
a future based on knowledge and education; and we are offering our
collective work with the hope that its modest content will help you in
the days ahead, till the next bi-weekly edition.

Enjoy its diversity. See, that at the very least, far from seeking the
lowest common denominator, we aim to build, not to destroy. As
always, form your OWN opinion and let your friends (and foes) know
about Swans. It's your voice that makes ours grow.

Here is the list of all the pieces:

The Political Economy Of Oil And The War Against Terrorism
by Haider A. Khan

Being There - by Anthony Judge

Daily Dose Of Anxiety, Fear And Aggression,
Courtesy of "The New York Times"
by Gilles d'Aymery

Remarks to the Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement
by Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz

Adam Smith Is Still On Our Side - by Milo Clark

Free-Style - by Michael W. Stowell

Making the World Safe for Oilgarchy - by Philip Greenspan

The Palette Of Fear - by Jan Baughman

Iraq's Economic Problems - Book Review by Tanweer Akram

Excerpt from "Victims of Groupthink" - by Irving L. Janis

War Sonata II - Poem by Kahnupad Haider

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