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Mon Mar 3 10:58:41 MST 2003

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As someone who grew up (in multiple senses) reading The Nation, I found
 Lou's historical survey very illuminating.  While I seldom read the
 magazine anymore, I still feel a sense of loyalty and attachment,
 despite the likes of Eric Alterman.  I even find myself quite skeptical
 of the notion that the magazine's ideological warpings flow from the
 interests of rich benefactors, even though this is an argument I would
 make myself in other circumstances.  And on the topic of financial
 support, while I don't pretend to know the magazine business, I can
 only imagine the chuckling Lou must have provoked among the people who
 struggle to keep fringe periodicals like The Progressive afloat with
 his offhand suggestion that we create a mass-circulation(!) zine to the
 left(!) of the Nation(!) that relies only on the "grass roots."  I
 won't be holding my breath.  Michael D.

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