Bugging the UN: the story begins to trickle out

loupaulsen at attbi.com loupaulsen at attbi.com
Mon Mar 3 15:25:01 MST 2003

The story is beginning to spread but at a really choloepic* pace.  The
Guardian/Observer had the story Saturday night.  BBC had a one-sentence
mention of it yesterday.  The Independent has picked it up today, and Yahoo
has given their a story a link from their United Nations coverage page (which
they didn't do with the Observer story).


Someone asked Ari Fleischer about it today at a press briefing.  Ari refused
to discuss the story on the principle that they never confirm or deny stories
about intelligence.

Nothing about it yet in the US press.

Some element of this is deliberate self-censorship (they deliberately ignore
the news item) and some element is something greater (the US corporate media
are literally incapable of recognizing an important story, in the same way
that a clam is incapable of doing algebra).  I'm honestly not sure which.


*choloepic: of the genus Choloepus (sloths)

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