Now Saudi's declare against war

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at
Mon Mar 3 17:16:26 MST 2003

The situation is no longer business as usual.  There was an open clash
between Gadaffi and Faisal at the Arab League meeting in which the
Saudis were accused of supporting the US and led to a black out of the
live broadcast.  US policy has presented a real problem for Saudi Arabia
which has used religious fundamentalism preferred by Western imperialism
in opposition to secular Arab nationalism. Now that the US is targeting
Islamic fundamentalism, the policy forces Saudi Arabia to recognize an
raproachment between Islam fundamentalism and Arab nationalism. The
Saudis are very apprehensive of the new "regime change - premptive
strike policy" from Washington and they are worried that after Iraq, the
Saudi royal house may be next in line for US imposed "moderate" regimes
all over the Middle East.  They think Washington may target them as a
"failed state" based on their inability to contain or restrain
terrorism. The main objective of Al Quaeda is to remove US troops from
Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia can no longer afford to be viewed as merely
blindly supporting the US. It must now play a game of maximizing its
survival propspects, and being pro-US unquestioningly does not add up to
the best survival strategy at this moment in time.  There is a certain
herd instict building up among all governments, starting with Russia,
Germany, France, China, Turkey, Mexico ....It looks like Kissinger's
fear of a new domino theory is coming true.  More and more governments
are discovering that they can oppose the US with relative immunity.  The
US cannot punish every government. We may well be entering into a new
age of Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, which strips the sole remaining
superpower of its real power, despite it military superiority.  Bush is
now in a really bad fix.  HE can't proceed without the whole thing
blowing up in his face, and he can't back down without losing
credibility. Its a lose-lose proposition for him. There is no way he can
get a second term, war or no war.  and he cannot wait any longer.  The
longer he waits, the stronger the opposition, and the weaker the economy.

Henry C.K. Liu

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