A complaint

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Mar 4 09:46:46 MST 2003

Dear Professor of Management Rex Adams,

Unless there are two Rex Adams floating around the Duke Fuqua School of
Business, I must assume that you are the very same Rex Adams identified
as the Chairman of the Board of Directors on the PBS website.

I am writing to let you know that as one of millions of Americans who
are opposed to war with Iraq, I am god-damned f---ing (please excuse my
language) tired of the Lehrer News Hour accepting that war as an
accomplished fact. When PBS president Bill "bowtie" Baker was raising
money last night, he referred unctuously to the Search for the Truth
that goes on during the News Hour. To that I can only say, "Liar, liar,
pants on fire." A search for the truth would include voices that are
effectively marginalized on PBS news but that resonate with the millions
of people who have demonstrated in the streets recently: Noam Chomsky,
Greg Palast, Robert Fisk, John Pilger, and a host of others. I am sure
you know who they are. Right now the News Hour is pretty much confined
to one policy wonk who favors the Bush policy "debating" with another
policy wonk who accepts the idea that American troops can invade other
countries, but only with a UN fig-leaf. That is not a debate and you
must know it.

My other complaint is what you have done to "Frontline", a formerly
outstanding documentary series. It appears to have been remolded into a
government propaganda outlet, just as "Nova" and other shows have been.
Watching these shows beat the drums over anthrax, dirty bombs and other
terrorist threats is a slap in the face to the original mandate of PBS,
  which was to present alternative viewpoints rather than something that
looks like it was co-produced by Ari Fleischer and Roger Ailes. I might
as well be watching Fox TV, where at least I won't be bothered by
Archer-Midland Daniels ads, fundraising pitches and ludicrous boasts
about how courageous the Lehrer News Hour is. Come to think of it, I'd
prefer a laxative commercial to Bill Baker's fund pitches any day of the

Very Truly Yours,

Louis Proyect, a pissed-off taxpayer and peace advocate

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