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Tue Mar 4 12:30:05 MST 2003

> And I would add to Lou´s list countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil 
> and even Cuba herself. That is precisely why most (please note I am not 
> saying _every_) national revolutions in the semicolonies today should 
> seek the constitution of large national unifications, not splintering 
> into mini-states.
> What if Cuba were confederated with some mainland South American country 
> today? What if the Mercosur (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) 
> coallesced with Venezuela tomorrow? What if these five joined Cuba into 
> a common agreement of defence, for example? Wouldn´t things be easier 
> for Cubans? Etc.
> -- 

 The alliance with Cuba with play into the U.S.'s hands: The media 
would have a field day, and in no time U.S. troops would be 
"restoring democracy" in whichever island or country had decided 
to make the alliance. This is exactly why since being elected 
Chavez has somewhat distanced himself from Cuba.

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