East Timor

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Mar 4 15:27:52 MST 2003

Bob Gould declares:
> Philip Ferguson's oh-so-profound chatter about some "transition from an
> annexed part of Indonesia to a direct neocolony of imperialism" is just
> mystification.

Unfortunately, this is rather typical of Bob's debating style.  Rather
than argue against the point, he merely dismisses it as "oh-so-profound
chatter" and "mystification".  (It reminds me of when Bob casually
dismissed the 2002 general election voting statistics in NZ, because
they didn't suit his view of the NZ Labour Party as being some kind of
proletarian party.)

Is Bob seriously disputing the view that East Timor is now becoming a
neo-colony of imperialism?

And, if it is not, what is it?  A "workers' state"?  A "workers and
farmers government"?  An anti-imperialist state of some sort?

Sadly, Bob disagrees with the DSP on the issues they're best on - like
the ALP - and then agrees with them on the issues they're worst on.

Philip Ferguson

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