On the national question in semicolonial countries

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From: David Walters <dwalters at igc.org>
Subject: On the national question in semicolonial

"The idea that Bosnia could actually be independent
within the parameters of the New World Order was...and
remains, ridiculous. The  same is true of
Kosovo(a)...an even greater absurdity. East Timor,
while it has always had a historical parameter of the
fight for 

The idea of independence for small states on a
bourgeois basis and without an strategy of unifying in
a large, socialist federation is doomed.  That is what
happened in Bosnia, Nicaragua, you name it.  So in
that sense you're correct.

But the strategy of small country/nations independence
with an strategy of federating on equal, socialist
basis requires the simultaneous struggle for
independence in the colony/semicolony AND the
oppressor country.

The problem with the national liberation movements in
small countries is that they saw the nationalist side
of independence, but not the socialist perspective of
federating with other countries.

This was due to the influence of stalinism on the
national liberation movements.  Those currents
essentially would, if anything, support a national
liberation movement in ONE country as they support
socialism in one country.

Of course, the central american revolution and a
central american socialist federation with Cuba was
the best bet to survive the imperialist onslaught and
overcome the blockade and military offensive of US
imperialism for Cuba for the Nicaraguan revolution,
the Salvadoran revolution ... something similar would
have given Grenada a chance to survive.

Rather than begging for Australia to rescue the ET
independence movement, Australian revolutionaries
would had been better off with an independent
political and military support for the national
liberation movement in ET.

In any case, was not the support of the DSP for
imperialist intervention what prompted it (hardly has
the DSP such an influence) but the military units were
sent to protect the stability of a region by the
Australian government and other imperialist powers.

The main problem of the DSP is that they lost the
opportunity to have an independent political line of
support for the national liberation movement in ET and
try to collaborate in the key question of developing a
revolutionary movement, including the support for ET
cause, in Australia and Indonesia.

As to the assertion that small countries "cannot build
their own cannons" I would say, on a socialist basis,
those countries would build some cannons of their own,
whereas under the yoke of imperialism they will never

Should I remind comrades of the excellent cannons made
by the Cubans?

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