Turkish reversal appears likely

Marvin Gandall marvin.gandall at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 4 19:51:42 MST 2003

A report in today's Financial Times indicates the Turkish government will
likely succeed in reversing the past weekend's parliamentary vote denying
basing rights to US troops for a northern Iraq front.

The report says Recep Tayyip Erdogan, leader of the ruling Justice and
Development party, received a sympathetic hearing when he asked the party's
parliamentary caucus to reconsider its opposition to the US deployment.  The
re-vote will probably be postponed to next week to avoid jeopardizing
Erdogan’s chances of winning a parliamentary seat in a weekend by-election.

I've posted the article on www.supportingfacts.com, along with a good
analysis in the same paper yesterday (sub-only access) describing the
enormous pressure being exerted on Turkey by the US.
As you know, the Americans have offered billions in direct aid and loan
guarantees, which can be leveraged into further cheap IMF and World Bank
loans, without which the government will be forced to make deep spending
cuts and further aggravate the country’s economic woes. The US has also
promised the Turkish military the opportunity to enter northern Iraq to
prevent the emergence of an independent Kurdish state which would fan the
separatist aspirations of Turkey’s 12 million Kurds.

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Marv Gandall

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