Déja vu

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Wed Mar 5 12:32:17 MST 2003

I have been reading Victor Klemperer "I Bear Witness" diaries 1933-41 and I
cannot but be struck with a feeling of déja vu - and just as I as a 10-year
old made a guy of Benito Mussolini on Nov. 5th 1935 (Guy Fawkes' day - the
traditional bonfire night in Britain] because of his attack on Abyssinia,
schoolchildren were on the streets of London today to demonstrate against
war on Iraq - with the mounted police standing by and girl demonstrators
being dragged off by police (Channel4 news at 7).  [And the (Labour) City of
Birmingham Council is apparently considering charging the Birmingham
demonstrators with "unlawful absence from school".]

Just as Adolf Hitler was always "standing for peace" so are Bush and Blair -
with new demands each time their demands are met.  The "new Adolf" is
"Dubbya" and the new appeaser instead of Chamberlain is Blair - though, to
come to think of it, Chamberlain never ACTUALLY joined Hitler in his warlike
demands even tho' he came mighty close to it....

My schoolboy stamp collection is replete with stamps from Abyssinia,
Republican Spain etc etc as a reflection of my interests at the time - tho'
it was really two years later when I spent the summer holidays of 1937 in
Paris with a family looking after a refugee boy from Guernica that really
set me on the road to political understanding - much to the apoplectic
disagreement of my father - tho' I weaned him from the Daily Mail (Franco
supporter) to the Daily Telegraph (any better ?!!!).

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